About me

I’m Simon Ricklin, an outdoor sports photographer based in Switzerland. Through my lens, I capture the essence of Switzerland’s adventurous spirit. From majestic landscapes to heart-pounding action, join me on an exhilarating visual journey. Let’s freeze unforgettable moments together!

Outdoor & Indoor Sports photography

High quality imagery, marketing and promotional materials for Sport Brands, Adventure companies, outdoor events, sport publications and individual athletes.

Product shots and Architecture

I create captivating imagery that transforms marketing and brand identity. For Brands, Agencies, Architects, and Designers, I enhance products and creations with enchanting visuals, leaving a lasting impression.

Weddings pictures

I am specialized in capturing fleeting glances, tender touches, and joyful laughter. Each photo paints a brushstroke of your unique love story and celebration’s essence.

My work

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Brig VS, Switzerland

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